Former Wright State research corporation splits with university, gets new name

The Wright State Applied Research Corporation is formally splitting with Wright State University and changing its name to Parallax Advanced Research.

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Wright State Applied Research Corporation was created in 2011 as a separate nonprofit to coordinate Wright State University’s research funding. The affiliation agreement expired this month, and Parallax Advanced Research was formally announced on Saturday.

According to a press release, the board of directors approved formation of the new entity. The separation will mean about 70 researchers and support staff who worked for WSU — under a contract wherein WSARC reimbursed the university — will now work solely for the research corporation.

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Gayle Rominger, chair of the previous organization’s board and now chair of the new board , said in a statement that “this is a huge step for the region and the state as this is now a completely independent organization that can work with universities across the state to recruit and retain the best and the brightest scientific and technical talent in the country. The nationally respected research team is better able to pursue even more scientific research opportunities and partnerships with government, academia, business and industry throughout Ohio and the nation.”

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