GE Aviation seeks to consolidate Beavercreek operations into new plant

GE Aviation-owned Unison Industries is looking to build a manufacturing plant in Miami Valley Research Park to consolidate all of their Beavercreek operations.

Unison hopes to build this campus on 53 acres in Miami Valley Research Park to combine operations and employees in the seven current buildings they have in the Beavercreek area, said spokeswoman Jennifer Villarreal. Unison Industries has signed a letter of intent to secure the site, Villarreal said in an emailed statement.

She did not know what it would cost to build the plant.

“The physical layout of the current campus isn’t ideal as it requires parts movement between buildings that results in significant waste and extra cost, and limits teamwork,” Villarreal said. “Our intent is to simplify operations by optimizing seven manufacturing facilities into one.”

The Beavercreek Planning Commission will have a public hearing Wednesday night on the request to rezone so that Unison can build at the site. If the planning commission approves the zoning change, the legislation will move to Beavercreek City Council in January.

Beavercreek Mayor Bob Stone said he was excited about the potential project.

“It is always wonderful when a company wants to stay in Beavercreek, it shows they’re happy where they’re at,” he said.

Beavercreek City Manager Pete Landrum said he thought the plant would be a perfect fit for the research park.

“I am definitely in support of the zoning change,” Landrum said.

Villarreal said the Beavercreek facilities currently employ about 400 hourly and salaried employees and the move to the new facility will keep employment at about 400. This is not expected to impact customer commitments or other GE Aviation Dayton-based operations.

Villarreal said the plan is for the new building to maintain new technology development as well as new product introduction. Unison builds gas turbine engine components and electrical and mechanical systems for a variety of industries, including aviation, space. defense, and oil and gas. Employees will continue working in the existing buildings during the construction and transition phases.

Unison Industries’ target is to have everyone in the new manufacturing plant by the end of 2022.

GE Unison currently leases four buildings and owns three in the Beavercreek area. The company plans to eventually sell off its properties and exit leases of the others it will no longer occupy.

The majority of the area under consideration for this future manufacturing plant is wooded. There are two fields within the property that are currently tillable land, according to city documents. The proposed area will have about 1,300 feet of frontage on the north side Research Boulevard, and about 3,100 feet of frontage on Interstate 675 and the exit ramp.

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