Is former Attorney General Richard Cordray running for governor?

Despite an already crowded field, there’s one possible gubernatorial candidate who might step into the race to run Ohio.

Richard Cordray is the only high-profile Democrat that can win the Ohio governor’s race, according to columnist Brent Larkin.

“For Democrats in Ohio, it’s difficult to imagine a more important election than the 2018 contest for governor,” Larkin said. “Yet another humiliating defeat for the party that’s lost six of the last seven gubernatorial races might just finish the Democrats as a competitive force in off-year elections.”

Larkin said Democrats need two things to win the 2018 election, or they’ll get crushed by the Republican candidate - someone with star quality, and someone who can raise a minimum of $20 million to run a race.

Cordray was a former state attorney general, winning an off-year race in 2008 before losing in 2010 to current attorney general Mike DeWine.

Unintended student loan forgiveness

$5 billion in private, troubled student loans may be forgiven because companies lost paperwork proving ownership of the loans. Companies haven't been able to collect, even after taking students to court.

Kasich ranks in the top 20; GOP govs most popular

Ohio Governor John Kasich's 57 percent approval ranking has him as the 20th most popular governor in the country. Chris Christie is at 50th with 7 in 10 New Jersey voters disapproval. The top three were all Republicans.

Trump back to Ohio
President Donald Trump will be coming to Youngstown on Tuesday, July 25. Tickets are available by registering at Trump's website.

OP Today

TRUMP MET WITH PUTIN TWICE AT G-20: Pairing off with another world leader is bad manners at the G-20 meetings and a slight against diplomatic protocol, but it didn't keep President Trump and Russian President Putin doing it not just once, but twice, the second meeting lasting two hours and private according to an AP report citing political scientist Ian Bremmer.

Local Congressman Mike Turner's battle to keep the Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton continues.

The mayor of Huber Heights is taking the City Manager to court because he believes he recorded audio of city council members.

Quick Hits

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Mitch McConnell's reputation as a master of tactics has been damaged over health care overhaul. (

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