Housing development aimed at empty nesters planned for Riverside

A new housing development is being proposed on Valley Street in Riverside at the site of a former trailer park.

The small housing development at 2249 Valley St. would be aimed at empty nesters, but anyone would be able to buy a house who could qualify for the selling point of between $175,000 and $200,000, said Todd Pultz, one of the owners of the land with his business partner, Brian Mineau.

According to plans presented by developer David Oakes of CESO at a Riverside Board of Zoning Association meeting on Jan. 26, 12 factory-built homes would be placed on the land. The developers and landowners involved are also requesting part of the land be rezoned from a business district to a residential district, which must be approved by city council.

The developer and landowners involved have also requested the city allow them to build the homes on smaller lot sizes than what would typically be allowed in the city.

Oakes said they are trying to market the development to people who are interested in staying in Riverside but want to downsize.

“It’s the atmosphere we are trying to create for the audience we are trying to market this project to,” Oakes said.

Pultz said he and his wife, Lisa, are from that part of town and wanted to beautify the area.

“So this is where we grew up at, and it made sense to invest the money in not only a place that needed it but also a place that we love and we care a lot about,” he said.

Pultz said they ran through several different scenarios for the project, but this was the only one that would be profitable and was good for the city.

Gary Burkholder, Riverside community development director, said during the Board of Zoning meeting the city recommended denying the lot-size variance.

“I believe it is the city’s, I guess, philosophy that as we begin to redevelop these neighborhoods, that we not create additional noncompliant lots,” he said.

He also said during the Board of Zoning meeting that he would like to see distance measurements from each house to a nearby fire hydrant and more details about storm water management. The Board of Zoning tabled the discussion on plot sizes to the next zoning meeting on Feb. 23.

A hearing is scheduled for the project for rezoning on Feb. 4 during a Riverside city council meeting.

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