How many of Ohio’s 1.3M absentee ballot requests were in your county?

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose reported on Tuesday that for the upcoming election, the state has had more than double the number of absentee ballot applications compared to the same election in 2016.

Calling the increase an “incredible surge,” LaRose said that Ohio had so far received 1,398,347 absentee ballot applications, including almost 400,000 new requests in the past week. This includes 15,806 requests from military and overseas voters.

At the same time during the 2016 election, Ohio had 524,631 absentee ballot requests.

In the greater Dayton area, including military and overseas requests, these are how many absentee ballot applications have been received, by county.

  • Butler County: 36,296 requests
  • Champaign County: 772 requests
  • Clark County: 12,764 requests
  • Darke County: 3,642 requests
  • Greene County: 12,397 requests
  • Miami County: 10,691 requests
  • Montgomery County: 55,257 requests
  • Preble County: 3,749 requests
  • Warren County: 32,164 requests

The secretary of state’s office also said that Ohio voters can track their ballot via its website.

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