Indiana driver's licenses now offer 'X' gender option

Credit: Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Credit: Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Drivers in Indiana now have the option of a non-gender-specific driver’s license.

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The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles began issuing non-binary driver's licenses earlier this month, the Northwest Indiana Times reported.

The new licenses use an "X" instead of the traditional "M" or "F" designations, providing an option for drivers who identify as neither male nor female, the newspaper reported.

Susie Guyer, executive director of marketing and communications for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, told the Times the agency decided to follow the credential standards recommended by the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

Guyer said driver's license and identification card applicants can request the "X" designation by presenting a certified, amended birth certificate attesting to a gender change, or a signed and dated physician's statement that the applicant has permanently changed their gender, the newspaper reported.

According to the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Administrators, California, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Oregona and Washington, D.C., offer a non-binary gender option on their driver's licenses and ID cards.

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