Kasich: 2-year schools meet workforce needs better than universities

Gov. John Kasich thinks community colleges are more responsive to workforce demands than four-year universities.

In an interview with Fortune magazine on Monday, Kasich said that four-year schools are far too slow to change.

“I think that two year schools are the most responsive. They’re much more responsive than a four-year school,” Kasich said. “Trying to reform a four-year school is like trying to move a battleship.”

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Kasich said that community colleges are willing to work with employers to create training programs and fill open positions at companies.

“You don’t need a four year, I mean I’d love you to have a four-year degree but you don’t need it,” Kasich said.

The governor also referenced an Amazon data facility in Columbus and how the state’s community colleges are working to train people to fill jobs at the facility.

“I called the community colleges in and I said: ‘Train these people. Let nothing get in your way. Please do this.’ And, they’re doing it,” he said.

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Kasich has long been a big supporter the state’s community colleges as part of his office’s effort to reduce the cost of a college degree in Ohio.

This summer, Kasich signed into law a state budget provision that will allow community colleges to begin offering bachelor’s degrees. Both Sinclair Community College and Clark State Community College are planning to begin offering four-year degrees in the next few years.

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