Kings Island wants to add housing for out-of-area employees

Kings Island is taking steps to make life easier for staffers who have a less-than-desirable commute to work.

The park is planning to construct dormitory that would open in about a year, Chad Showalter, the amusement park’s spokesman, told this news outlet today.

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The dorm would be be available for approximately 400 associates who are in college and live outside the immediate Cincinnati-Dayton area, he said.

“It’s not uncommon in our industry to have workers that come from outside the area,” he said. “Many of the other amusement parks in Cedar Fair, but also just across the industry, have something like this and Kings Island is just following suit.”

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Kings Island provides incentives for employees who live outside a certain radius from the park, helping them “a little bit more” for gas reimbursement and similar travel-related expenses, Showalter said.

“This would be another option for those types of associates as well,” he said.

Showalter said representatives for the park plan to speak during a Mason Planning Commission meeting tonight, June 5, as a follow-up to a recent permit request.

“They had some additional questions about it and that’s why they added it to the agenda tonight,” he said.

The planning commission reviews and makes decisions on site plans, landscape plans, and building elevations for all new buildings in the city, along with major expansions of properties. It also reviews and makes recommendations to Mason City Council on zoning changes, planned unit developments and plats.

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