Farm Babies Fest will be held at Aullwood Farm Saturday May 14.

5 local baby animals that will make you fall in love with nature

Baby animals fill the Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm each year, providing cuteness overload. Here are 5 of them:

» Baby dwarf goats learning to frolic at Aullwood farm
» Box of chirping chicks arrives in mail at Aullwood farm

Scottish Highland calf

A Scottish Highland calf, born in March, weighed about 65 pounds at birth and will grow to be close to 1,400 pounds. The breed has a double coat of hair. The long outer layer covers a soft undercoat.

Tunis lambs

Young Tunis sheep were raised by President George Washington after he received them as a give from Tunisia. The breed's cinnamon colored wool is known for its' high quality.

Nigerian dwarf goats

A pair of twins and a set of triplet Nigerian dwarf goats were born at Aullwood Farm weeks ago.


Baby chicks arrived by mail just days after they hatched.

Dexter calf

A Dexter calf, born at the start of April, is a new additon to the Aullwood Farm in Butler Twp. The breed can be used for milk, beef or oxen.