Cedarville University’s cyber operations major is first in Ohio

Cedarville University will offer a cyber operations major beginning next fall.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission approved the major, a first for Ohio, the university announced.

The major will consist of eight new courses, along with other required computer science and computer engineering courses, but also will require a nontechnical class.

“We want our cyber operations major to be interdisciplinary because cyber touches so many different areas,” Seth Hamman, director of the Center for the Advancement of Cybersecurity, stated in a release. “Because cyber operations requires highly specialized skills, the bulk of the major will be technical, but it will also incorporate public policy, business, ethics and law.”

Cedarville University will add a new faculty member with experience in cyber operations.

Hamman said he hopes Cedarville can offer a nontechnical cybersecurity minor in the future to extend its reach to other majors, such as business, information technology management and criminal justice. As a first step, the new major will include an intro to cybersecurity course.

Computer science is one of the fastest-growing majors at Cedarville, the university said. The new cyber operations major is based in computer science, and Hamman said he anticipates the programs will complement one another and grow together.

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