Dayton superintendent: it’s time to consider school bus seat belts

Most of Dayton Public Schools large school buses currently do not have seat belts but Dayton School Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli says she will be talking to the board about buying buses that do have them.

In an exclusive interview with the Dayton Daily News for a story on bus safety, Lolli said the district already has seat belts on pre-school and special-needs buses.

“We have had our buses retrofitted with additional padding for the back of the seats but that’s for impact with my shoulders, my head, my body. But we have not discussed seat belts for our regular buses,” Lolli said.

She said she will bring the issue to the board at its Jan. 25 retreat.

“I think it’s something that we need to actually consider. I don’t know if we will be able to solve the issue immediately in any of our schools,” Lolli said. “And that’s related to first of all the arguments that will occur on the pro side and con side as well as the finances, as well as the determination of whether it truly is needed on a school bus that runs in a neighborhood, or in a certain type of area, like for example rural area or a suburban area, all those different needs.”

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