More citizens donate money to Huber schools

Contributions come after levy rejected by voters.

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Huber Heights City Schools continues to receive monetary donations about a month after two citizens gave money to the school, acts that city officials said were unprecedented for the district.

Earlier this month, the school board accepted a $50 donation from Ed Lyons and a $100 donation from a citizen who wished to remain anonymous when contacted by this newspaper.

School treasurer Ann Bernardo said the money is in the general fund.

“It’s uplifted me that there are people out there that really want the schools to pass a levy and succeed, and they feel the need to do their part,” school board president Anita Brock said. “It gives us a little bit of inspiration that there is hope.”

On Nov. 4, voters rejected the district's proposed five-year, 6.95-mill additional operating levy — the sixth straight levy request for new operating money that was defeated. If the school levy had passed, it would have generated more than $4.4 million per year and cost a homeowner of a $100,000 house an additional $243 a year.

The district would have restored more than $2.5 million in programs and services.

Lyons, a Huber Heights city councilman, said he voted for the levy. He has three school-age children who attend Saint Peter School, a private institution.

“I couldn’t be more pleased that citizens have stepped up, and I couldn’t be more honored to follow suit,” Lyons said. “I really hope it does catch on with the rest of the community. The schools need the help as much as possible.”

Residents Mike Miller and Steve Zbinden — who both have children in the school district — donated $20 and $50, respectively, last month.

Bernardo said last month marked the first time in district history that citizens have made monetary donations after a levy failure. If residents are interested in making a donation, Bernardo said they can do so by going to the central office, 5954 Longford Road.

Bernardo said there likely will be another levy next year, but it hasn’t been determined when it will be on the ballot. Voters last approved an operating levy in 2005.

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