Elections board: Failed levy results upheld; 2 races still in balance

The Montgomery County Board of Elections on Tuesday certified the results of the May 8 primary, including two close levies that nearly triggered recounts.

Four candidates, however, will wait until a May 30 recount to see which two are seated on the Montgomery County Democratic Party Central Committee in two elections each separated by a vote.

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A German Twp. roads levy failed by 12 votes, 323-311. It was an additional 2-mill levy. The levy proposed an additional tax for funds for general construction, resurfacing and repair of streets, roads and bridges.

In Jefferson Twp., a general operations levy failed by 6 votes, 453-447. The levy would have benefited the unincorporated area of Jefferson Township for the purpose of meeting current expenses at a rate not exceeding 3.75 mills, first due in calendar year 2019.

With a tightening of just one more vote, the Jefferson Twp. operating levy results would have been recounted, said Steve Harsman, Montgomery County Board of Elections deputy director. A margin of one half of one percent triggers automatic recounts. The German Twp. road levy election difference would have needed to be four or fewer votes, he said.

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Two Democratic Central Committee races in Dayton precincts 18-B and 21-C resulted in one-vote races, requiring a 100-percent hand recount.

In 18-B, Arlinda Vaughn received 64 votes and Jason Miller 63. Marcia Knox received 63 votes, leading Ladona McKinney with 62 in 21-C.

The recount will be May 30 to determine the winners unless either of the currently losing candidate waives the right to a recount.

Voter turnout across the county for the primary election was 19.07 percent, according to the board.

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