GOP incumbent gets primary challenger in Warren County commission race

Former State Rep. Ron Maag has filed to contest the re-election of Warren County Commissioner Tom Grossmann, according to filings posted on-line by the county election board.

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The winners of the Republican primary usually win general election in Warren County.

Maag, formerly R-Salem Twp., represented the 62nd District before being term-limited from this state office.

He pulled petitions to run for an open seat on the county commission two years ago, after Pat South announced her retirement.

But Maag eventually backed Shannon Jones for the commission seat and was expected to be appointed, but was not, to the senate seat where she faced term limits.

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On Feb. 5, Maag filed to run against Grossmann, who filed for re-election on Jan. 31.

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Another primary race could come if former Springboro Board of Education President Kelly Kohls files petitions she pulled on Jan. 12 to run for the State Senate seat representing the 7th District.

Incumbent Steve Wilson who was appointed to the seat after Jones was elected to South’s county commission seat, over Maag and others, filed his petitions to run for the senate seat.

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The filing deadline is 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 7. The primary is May 8.

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