Issue placed on Troy ballot by mistake

The Miami County elections office staff is working to remove a Concord Twp. referendum placed accidentally on Troy ballots for the Nov. 5 election.

The Trafalgar issue, on the ballot for the 16th time since 1985, is voted on only by those living in Concord Twp.’s unincorporated area. The incorporated city lies within the township.

Elections Director Drew Higgins, who was hired earlier this year following the departure of long-time director Steve Quillen took responsibility for the error. “It was something I missed,” Higgins said.

He said he notified election board members of the problem.

A plan was developed Monday to remove the referendum from Troy ballots on electronic voting machines and to, once the new ballot is programmed, set aside all Troy ballots cast so far in early voting, including absentee ballots, for hand processing Nov. 5. The referendum question should be gone from Troy ballots by today, Higgins said.

The Nov. 5 election will be his second as director. The office also has a new deputy director, hired this spring, following the departure of long-time deputy director Pam Calendine.

Higgins said the referendum question will be removed from voting machines scheduled for use in precincts in Troy’s six voting wards. Because the machines were prepared already for the election with a logic and accuracy test of operations, a sample of the machines will go through another logic and accuracy test after the change is made.

The county commission has approved the Trafalgar Corp.’s application to rezone 50 acres owned by the Geisinger family along Monroe-Concord Road from agricultural to single-family residential since 1985. Each vote to rezone has been rejected by voters in referendums.