Local Congressman Turner: Mueller report should be public

Rep. Mike Turner of Dayton said that when Special Counsel Robert Mueller completes his report into whether aides to President Donald Trump colluded with Russian officials in 2016, the document should be made public.

In an appearance Monday on the MSNBC show “Morning Joe,” Turner also said the transcripts of interviews conducted by the House intelligence into potential Russian collusion should also be available for all Americans to read.

“I think it is absolutely important, contrary to what the president has said, that the report ultimately be public,” said Turner, a Republican.

“This has been such an important review where I think everyone has to have the ability to look at the information, look at what occurred and be able to look at the conclusions that the Mueller investigation ultimately delivers,” Turner said.

William Barr, whom Trump has nominated for attorney general of the United States, has not committed to making the report public.

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