Springboro deal will limit annexation of township land

Township trustees voted 2-1 this morning for a new 10-year agreement with Springboro, splitting property tax, sharing the cost of a new city park, limiting annexation and extending a partnership dating back to 1989.

Trustees Ed Wade and Jason Gabbard voted for the the new “coterminous agreement”.

Trustee Steve Muterspaw voted no, starting a 30-day period before new agreement takes effect.

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The township law director, Brian Pacheco, said he didn’t know if this gave voters time to petition for a referendum preventing the new agreement from taking effect.

The agreements determine how much of nearly $1.2 million a year in property tax goes to the city’s general fund, rather than to cover township expenses.

The agreements also prevent Springboro from breaking off and forming its own fire department, rather than sharing in use of Clearcreek fire prevention and emergency medical services, funded through a separate levy.

Also under the agreements, the city refrains from annexing township land without consent of the trustees.

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