Two new projects coming to Centerville development

Two new major projects are planned for the Cornerstone development in Centerville.

Cornerstone Apartments is a 300-unit complex with modern Mediterranean architecture proposed for the intersection of Cornerstone North Boulevard and the future Park Place. Some units will be next to the park with quick access to stores and restaurants. A pavilion also is planned for the complex.

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Dogwood Commons is a proposed 110-unit complex intended for senior living. The single-story structures at the end of Cornerstone North Boulevard will come with one- or two-story garages.

Neither is currently under construction. Both developments hope to break ground and begin construction before the end of 2019.

“These are significant projects for the Cornerstone Development and the City of Centerville” Economic Development Director Michael Norton-Smith said.

Oberer Land Developers is developing the projects and making public improvements. Cornerstone Apartments will be owned by J.A. Murphy and Treplus Communities will own Dogwood Commons.

“The 410 high-quality housing units planned by J.A. Murphy and Treplus Communities will help to bring new residents for our city and new customers to the businesses at Cornerstone,” Norton-Smith said.

Construction costs for these projects are still private and subject to final design approval, officials said. No public funds are being requested for the construction of either project.

City officials and Cornerstone Developers LLC have been pleased with the pace at which the development is progressing.

Cornerstone Park, what city officials describe as “an active area 20-acre park,” will complement the surrounding commercial properties, while the park’s passive section will preserve a headwater stream and include walking trails and greenspace.

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The Ohio Public Works Commission recommended approval of $1 million in Clean Ohio grant funding for the passive area of the park in July.

City Council has approved a final development plan for Phase IV of Cornerstone, including a condition that requires testing for adequate water pressure. The water pressure is an issue that arose as the development continued to grow and near completion.

The Cornerstone of Centerville Development has been a magnet for restaurant and retail interest and – soon – will be a place many families can call home, City Manager Wayne Davis said.

“This is far from the final phase of Cornerstone. Phase V encompasses approximately 10 acres in the northeast corner of the development. We will also work to develop Cornerstone of Centerville South, a 75-acre parcel located on the south side of I-675,” according to Davis.

Davis said the work is in line with the city’s five-year strategic plan.

“The community is coming to Cornerstone. It’s a unique development that offers amenities and retail that are not available anywhere else in the Miami Valley. Introducing housing and park space to this development will add to its vibrancy,” he said.

The growth in the Cornerstone development has stretched area water service, which is the responsibility of Greene County. Officials there said a solution is on the way.

Greene County Administrator Brandon Huddleson said the county has sufficient water supply and storage to meet current demands, but there is a need to build a new water tower to handle future growth.

Oberer Land Development and the Guttman Development Group have been working with Greene County to find a solution.

“It’s kind of like you’ve got a cup of water and everybody is putting their straw in. If there’s 100 straws in a cup, you’re going to get less water per straw. That’s sort of the situation we have now,” Huddleson said.

Greene County has made an offer to the developer of Rollandia Golf Course, Guttman Development Group, to build the tower where it would serve the area best, Huddleson said.

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