150 volunteers worked Saturday in Old North Dayton to continue tornado cleanup momentum

“Momentum” was the unofficial theme at a volunteer meetup this weekend.

More than 100 University of Dayton student volunteers and 150 total volunteers worked Saturday in Old North Dayton near Valley Street to continue cleanup efforts following the Memorial Day tornadoes.

“Don’t stop trying. Thank you, though. And thank you for keeping us in mind because we can’t go home from this,” said Matt Tepper, president of the Old North Dayton Neighborhood Association.

The event was a part of the Miami Valley Long-Term Recovery Operations Group, and is not the only one of its kind regularly taking place around the Miami Valley.

Explore>> Website to coordinate tornado victim info and how to donate, volunteer

Independent volunteers, The Salvation Army and even an AmeriCorps chapter from Iowa came to the Old North Dayton meetup to help make progress on the long list of cleanup objectives.

“If you do volunteer in the future and you think you’re not making a difference because sometimes we’re scrambling to find things to do, know that every little bit helps. Don't think you aren’t making a difference, because you are,” Tepper said.

>> Dayton funk legends: 'We just want to give a little bit back'Saturday's volunteer event was organized through the website that has been set up for Miami Valley Tornado Recovery Information. The site includes up-to-date volunteer opportunities.

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