88th Security Forces Squadron offers tips to minimize theft

With summer nearing, the 88th Security Forces Squadron wants to remind you to stay safe. It is not uncommon for communities to see an increase in crimes as the temperature begins to rise. In fact, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base saw a significant increase in property crimes in May.

Here are some crime prevention tips, you can do to lessen the likelihood of being a victim.

Always keep your car doors locked.

One way to prevent your valuables from being stolen is to ensure you lock your vehicles at all times. While it is recommended you don’t leave your valuables in your vehicle, you should try to remove them from plain view if you do.

Don’t leave personal belongings unattended.

A bicycle left unattended may be too tempting for a would-be criminal. Remember to place your items in a locked area, such as your house or garage. Do not create crimes of opportunity by leaving valuables exposed.

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Photograph your valuables.

While not all prevention tactics work, you can aid in the recovery of your valuables by taking photos of them. A photograph of the item, serial numbers and the make and model of the item will immensely help the investigators. If your item was stolen today, would you be able to describe it in detail?

Report any suspicious activity.

You should always be aware of your surroundings and be cognizant of the norms in your area. Vehicles driving slowly and making repetitive stops could be a possible sign of someone casing an area. Individuals walking through parking lots peering in car windows is another sign of a possible crime waiting to happen. Bottom line, “If you see something, say something!”

Summer is supposed to be the time you get an opportunity to enjoy yourself not to be busy filling out a police report. If you would like to report any suspicious activity, please call the 88th Security Forces Squadron’s Base Defense Operations Center at 937-257-COPS (257-2677) or 937-257-6516 (non-emergency).

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