Abner Orick, former Dayton commissioner, dies

Longtime Dayton City Commissioner Abner Orick has died, his family reported on social media and the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office confirmed today.

Orick, 79, was a Republican who also previously directed the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

“We all have memories or ‘Abnerisms’ that we will take with us,” read a Facebook post by his son, Greg Orick. “He has shown us the decent good that one person can accomplish for his community and his family.”

People trusted Orick because he was “down-to-earth” and “told it the way it was,” said his son.

There were times when he’d get 200 to 300 people calling his store in a day because they didn’t know where else to turn and they knew Orick would do his homework to try to fix their issues, Greg Orick said.

“He was so accessible,” he said.

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