Cigarette sparks 2-alarm fire at Jaycee Towers high-rise apartment building in Dayton


UPDATE @ 5:30 p.m.

A cigarette is to blame for a smoldering fire that caused three minor injuries Friday afternoon in a two-alarm fire at the Jaycee Towers high-rise apartment building.

Crews were called around 2:45 p.m. to the building at 440 Dayton Towers Drive.

“The occupant had been smoking and a cigarette ended up on the couch, caught the couch on fire,” said Dayton Fire Department District Chief Paul Raisch, who added that it was a smoldering fire, which the resident attempted to put out, that created a lot of smoke.

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The resident and two others in the building suffered minor smoke inhalation injuries. One was a 10th floor occupant who encountered smoke in the stairwell. The three were treated at the scene and declined to be taken to a local hospital, Raisch said.

“We’re fortunate it wasn’t a much bigger incident than it could have been, and that it was only a smoldering fire,” Raisch said.

The fire was not in the nearby Dayton Towers apartment building.


A second alarm has been requested after a reported fire at the Jaycee Towers high-rise apartment building in Dayton Friday afternoon.

Crews responded to 440 Dayton Towers Drive around 2:45 p.m. and reported heavy smoke coming from one of the floors in the building.

Initial reports indicate the fire was contained to one area of a fifth-floor apartment. Residents on surrounding floors have been evacuated, reports indicate.

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