Beavercreek officers round up wayward pig who stops for cat food treat

Officers had to round up a wayward pig.

Police were called Tuesday afternoon to the area of Grange Hall and Patterson Road after someone reported a pig walking in the roadway.

The pig was spotted in a yard in the 4300 block of Dunsmere Drive

“Well hello. Well hello Mr. Friendly. Are you wanting some food? Are you wanting some food?” an officer is heard saying to the pig he spotted in a yard in the 4300 block of Dunsmore.

The pig had found some cat food left out and stopped to eat.

“The animal approached me, but when it realized I had nothing to eat, it ran from me,” the officer stated in a police memo on the incident.

Officers later found out the pig’s name was Evelyn, and that she normally has no trouble staying inside her yard in the 4100 block of Dunsmere Drive.

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