Bitter cold weather has surprising benefits

Rarely will you hear someone remark how thankful they are when bitter cold weather arrives.

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However, the cold has several surprising benefits to both the human body and nature.

Farmers are often fans of a deep winter stretch cold enough to freeze the ground. As the soil freezes, it expands and opens. This expansion helps to transport nutrients throughout the soil as well as create an ideal planting situation in the spring.

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The human body, believe it or not, also is accepting of the colder weather. The body works harder to maintain homeostatic temperature levels. As a result, we actually burn more calories in the cold. Research also has shown that people tend to be more productive. Those who suffer from allergies will have no trouble in the bitter cold. Mold, grass, weed and tree pollen are all next to nonexistent in the thick of winter.

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While it isn't always the most comfortable season, these bitter temperatures can be more helpful than we realize.

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