Misunderstanding prompts bomb threat investigation at Moraine nursing home

UPDATE @ 9:20 a.m.: 

A bomb threat reported at Pinnacle Point Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Moraine was caused by a misunderstanding from a corporate email, according to police.

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An email sent by the facility’s corporate office regarding a rash of bomb threats across the country was misunderstood, prompting the police investigation, officers said.

Staff members interpreted the email was asking workers to call police to report an active threat, rather than just inform them of the wave of threats Thursday.

Operations were back to normal at the facility, according to our crew.

Additional details were not available.


An emailed bomb threat sent to the Pinnacle Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Moraine is currently under investigation, according to dispatchers.

Police and fire crews were dispatched to the facility at 3421 Pinnacle Road around 8:30 a.m. after an employee reported the threat, according to police scanner traffic.

On Thursday, schools, businesses and media outlets across the county were targets of bomb threats all deemed not credible. It was not immediately known if the threat in Moraine was related to yesterday’s widespread threat.

We have a crew on the way and we’ll update this page as we learn more.

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