Cassano’s honored with historical marker

The first pizza-related Ohio historical marker was awarded to Cassano’s Pizza King by the Ohio History Connection on Friday outside the company’s headquarters in Kettering.

“This is in honor of our grandfather and our dad,” said Vic III (Chip) Cassano. “It’s for all the work and innovations they did.”

For more than 60 years, the Cassano family said they have served the Dayton area with their longstanding family values: using quality ingredients, giving customer's their money's worth, and providing the best possible customer service and ambience to enjoy their meal.

“This is a reminder to us that everything has a history,” said Andy Verhoff, a coordinator for Ohio History Connection. “It’s pizza history.”

In 1953, the first pizza shop in the Dayton area began operating out of the back of Vic Cassaono Sr.’s grocery store. Cassano Sr. founded Cassano’s Pizza King with his mother-in-law, Mom Donisi. Now, Cassano’s has 34 location around the greater Dayton area and five franchises across three states. They employ around 600 people.

The third generation of the Cassano family has owned the company since 2010, taking over when their father, Vic Cassano Jr. died. Vic III (Chip) and Chris Cassano operate the chain; sister Lora Cassano Hammons is the company community manager.

“They were thrown into their leadership roles quickly, and I’m very proud,” said Sharon Cassano, the wife of Cassano Jr.

Ron Campbell of U! Creative said Cassano Jr. and his sons work hard to uphold their motto: “The proof is in the taste.”

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