Centerville could land $25 million housing complex

Luxury apartments would connect to shopping, dining complex, developer says.

A 237-unit luxury apartment complex could come to the site of the former Showcase Cinemas in Centerville within two years, according to the developer who owns the property.

The four-building complex would be integrated with the Cross Pointe Shopping Center next door to create a cohesive residential and commercial community, the developer said.

“We plan to start a formal design of the project sometime in the next week or so, then get back with Centerville for formal submission within the next 60 days,” said Todd Duplaine of Mills Development. “We could have a formal submission in the late spring or early summer. At that point, we’ll make the big decision of whether it’s a go or no-go.”

Mills Development presented the initial concept plan of the $25 million project Monday night to a joint session of Centerville City Council and the city planning commission.

The complex, named The Allure, would be aimed at attracting millennials, with amenities such as a pool, dog park, game room and movie theater. Apartment units would likely cost between $800 and $1,400 per month, depending on the size.

“It was an interesting design. It’s always difficult this early to determine the level of interest on council and the planning commission, but I think overall it was a positive response,” Centerville City Manager Greg Horn said. “A very important component of the initial plan is how it is integrated with Cross Pointe,” he said. “It will be interesting to see what can be done to interconnect those two developments and create a synergy between them.”

The property is currently zoned as commercial and would need to be designated an overlay district with residential and commercial designations, Horn said.

There has been no open opposition to the zoning designation on either council or the planning commission, he said.

“This is an urbanistic design with balconies and other amenities. It’s something we haven’t really had in this area,” Horn said. “It would appeal to singles, young professionals and empty nesters. What is intriguing about it is that it’s an attractive housing option to bring younger people into our community.”

Cross Pointe, a 217,000-square foot retail center with 59 tenants, supports the idea of integrating with the apartment complex, according to Scott Wright of Don Wright Realty, which owns the center.

“A potential development with high-end residential units will do nothing but enhance the area,” Wright said. “If we can get our development to the point where its a cohesive atmosphere, with tenants walking over to Cross Pointe for dining and shopping, it would benefit both the residential and commercial components.”

Mills Development purchased the 14.5-acre property one year ago for $1.7 million after it had been undeveloped and vacant for seven years.

“Even though it’s not bringing jobs as a retail development would, this development offers a contemporary, hip place to live that appeals to younger people and brings those incomes to the city,” Duplaine said. “We hope to not just create a development, but a mini ecosystem for these people. Hopefully it will help draw that younger generation to Centerville, and they’ll choose to stay.”

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