Centerville leaders talk to students after racist photo is shared

Centerville High School’s principal addressed students on Wednesday after a photo surfaced on social media of racist language written on a student’s face.

Sarah Swan, community information specialist for the district, confirmed that the photo was being addressed by school officials and said that it was not taken on school premises. After the student shared the photo with friends, it was forwarded to others and was posted to social media.

Parents took to social media and posted comments hoping that the school would address the issue with the student body.

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“Our high school administrators are aware of this situation, and the student has been disciplined,” Swan said. “In addition, the principal at Centerville High School is addressing all students today about treating each other with respect and dignity and will be reaching out to parents as well.”

She added that school officials emphasized to students that the inappropriate behavior exhibited in the photo would not be tolerated.

“Staff members at each of our schools work hard to create positive learning environments for our students, and this behavior is not acceptable,” Swan said.

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School officials are still trying to determine if others students were involved in the situation, but say that the problem started with the posting of the original photo.

“It started with the original photo, and that was shared by many students who were upset by the content of the picture,” Swan said. “At this time, the administration is still conducting their investigation into other students.”

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