Centerville students to hear messages about bullying, depression today

Dr. Brian Ceccarelli, owner and founder of It’s Times 2, will speak to more than 400 students at Centerville High School (CHS) today, delivering a message of anti-bullying and addressing other concerns facing teens today.

Ceccarelli, a retired orthopedic surgeon, decided in 2016 to get involved with addressing some of the social justice issues he saw among teens.

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CHS teacher Janet Place organized the event, and she feels that it is important to make sure students are educated about how to deal with issues that are affecting their lives.

“I teach Digital Citizenship and know the importance of trying to help students be informed and educated,” Place explained. “The two topics that get the most attention are cyberbullying and sexting, but cell phones and social media impact teens in so many ways.”

She said there are other issues of concern as data points to an increase in teen suicide and depression.

“Studies show there is increased rates of teen depression and suicide - dramatic increases,” Place said. “I try to reach out to our students, parents and community in a variety of ways. Our objectives are always to inform and empower.”

Word of mouth regarding Ceccarelli’s presentation reached Place, and she felt it would be appropriate to have it delivered at Centerville.

“I heard about Brian from an Alter teacher and my brother, Jim Place, who said his presentation was impactful, so I thought his presentation would be a great supplement to the activities we already offer,” she said. “His mission is to empower students to engage in positive activities.”

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Ceccarelli will be joined by a recent Alter grad who will share her personal story about bullying and depression.

“This is such an important topic,” Place said.

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