Clifton Mill owners work to prevent Christmas lights ending up in river

Clifton MIll owners are working to take down their famous Christmas lights for the season and are disputing claims that lights end up in the river.

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A viewer reached out to this news organization with videos of himself attempting to clean the lights out of the river.

“That’s absolutely false,” said Clifton Mill owner Anthony Satariano. “We are very good stewards of the community, of this river. We live here. We love it here -- We absolutely do not cut anything, dispose of anything in the beautiful river.”

Satariano said steps are taken to keep lights from being washed away by flood waters. Lights are anchored to the ground and hung above what staff considers the Little Miami flood stage. When lights are washed away, they clean them up, he said.

“We would never blatantly disregard our lights or do anything like that whatsoever and we do take precautions,” he said.

You can see John’s entire story beginning at 5 p.m on WHIO.

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