Coronavirus: Applications cut off for low-income families seeking short-term help

More than 1,500 apply in less than 2 days for Prevention, Retention and Contingency program.

After more than 1,500 low-income families applied for short-term assistance in less than two days, the county is no longer accepting applications.

“This overwhelming response means that existing applications will exhaust the $1.2 million we had been allocated,” Montgomery County Job & Family Services said in a press release.

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The county’s Family Assistance Division on Tuesday made funding available from the Prevention, Retention and Contingency program, and on Thursday afternoon said it could not take in any more applications.

Officials said they are working to secure additional funds to help more families in the coming days and weeks.

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For those who have applied, the agency is working to process the applications in the order in which they were received, the release stated.

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