Coronavirus: 400,000 people visited unemployment website Tuesday, Husted says

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said more than 400,000 contacts on the state’s unemployment website seeking information on Tuesday.

He said that the state has seen a huge influx of people visiting the site during the coronaviurs pandemic.

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Though state officials hope to get people back to work and businesses up and running shortly, the virus isn’t expected to peak until May 1, Gov. Mike DeWine said.

Husted also continued to stress that businesses use good judgment if they continue to operate during the state’s stay at home order.

While there are no letters or certificates saying a business is essential, he suggested employers have a document ready explaining why they think their business is essential.

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Enforcement is coming and DeWine said that the state has started to take action against a company today.

He also reminded non-essential businesses that once orders start being lifted that they will still be expected to provide a safe and clean work environment.

To help keep the state’s supply chain moving the U.S. Department of Transportation has eased some of the “red tape” to obtain a CDL, said Husted.

While the supply chain is still moving, Husted said retailers and grocery stores are saying more drivers are needed to help replenish stock.

The state’s coronavirus hotline (1-833-4-ASK-ODH) has seen a huge spike in calls recently, Ohio Department of Health Director said.

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While the hotline cannot offer legal advice, workers can answer callers’ health questions.

There are 10 deaths, including one in Miami County, and at least 704 cases of coronavirus in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

The nine other fatalities are from Cuyahoga, Erie, Franklin, Lucas and Stark counties.

Acton said 116 health care workers and 24 long-term care residents who have tested positive.

There are 182 hospitalizations and 75 patients have been admitted to ICUs.

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The age of patients range from less than 1 to 94 years old. The median age is 51.

Ohio has tested a total of 14,764 people for the virus.

DeWine discussed the state’s supply of face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE), saying that Ohio received its share from the Strategic National Stockpile but that it will not be enough.

He thanked all the businesses and workers sharing their PPEs supply, including dentists, veterinarians, construction workers and career and technical school staff.

Ohio’s first lady, Fran DeWine, shared different ways people across the state are working to help each other during the coronavirus pandemics.

She talked about a group of women sewing face masks for Ohioans to keep germs from spreading.

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She also discussed how people are keep busy while staying at home. Fran DeWine suggested doing crafts, signing up for the Imagination Library and cooking as ways to keep from getting bored and stressed during quarantine.

She encouraged families to use the extra time at home to use it as an opportunity to come closer together.


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