County, city, highway crews working to help road conditions

County, city, and highway crews are working to help the road conditions around the Miami Valley.

ODOT Press Secretary Matt Bruning said on Twitter, "As of 1 p.m., we have more than 1,000 crews out on the road. As you can see from these dash cam shots, we're seeing a wide range of conditions across Ohio. Give our crews room to work and check updated conditions at"

Huber Heights Public Works Manager Mike Gray said eight city trucks are working 12-hour shifts on the roads.

The steady snowfall made it harder for crews to keep up with conditions, Gray said about noon.

"The roads are all passable right now," he said, but he encouraged those who are out to take it slowly and those who aren't out to wait if they can.

"We haven't had a significant snowfall in probably two years or so," Gray said.

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Clark County Engineer Jonathan Burr said they went through its first wave early this morning, but the heaviest snow still appears to be coming this afternoon.

"The forecasts were spot on so far," he said just before noon.

Burr said his crews cover about 30 miles of roads each, making it a challenge "just keeping up with it."

"If you get an inch an hour," he said, "we will catch up, but it will be once the snow slows down. You could have 3 or 4 hours of accumulation by the time a truck comes back around on a route."

Burr said it's expected to be the most snow in a few years.

"Everybody kind of forget what that means," he said.

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Springfield Service Director Chris Moore says the city has 14 trucks in service treating the streets.

“So far, everything is going great,” Moore said about 1:15 p.m. Saturday. “The main roads are very navigable.”

“We are putting down salt right now, and it’s working,” he said.

Crews started shifts at 7 a.m., around the time the snow started falling. Moore said after the snow ends, crews will assess what the needs are for Sunday.

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We will continue to update this story as we get more county and city condition information.

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