Montgomery County polls ready to accept Election Day voters

Montgomery County elections officials say they are ready for voters today and relieved several volunteers came forward to work the polls after an urgent appeal last week that more than 100 were needed.

“We’re good with poll workers, and everyone showed up Monday morning,” said Jan Kelly, Montgomery County Board of Elections director.

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On Monday, workers fanned out across Montgomery County to set up more than 2,000 machines in 360 precincts.

Kelly said about 1,600 precinct election officials will be helping people vote today in Montgomery County. Statewide, about 35,000 poll workers will be working, according to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.

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Lakesia McLemore was one of three workers helping to set up and test voting machines Monday at the Christian Life Center where voters from four Butler Twp. precincts will cast ballots.

McLemore said it takes about an hour and a half for workers to prepare the polling station, including testing each machine’s printer three or four times.

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One machine at the polling location took a tumble and had to be replaced. But it’s better to experience a mishap before Election Day, McLemore said.

“It’s always good to have hiccups … that way you are prepared for the voters,” she said.

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