Crumbling concrete under Miami County bridge prompts calls for repair

Signs of deterioration on the Piqua-Lockington Road bridge have caused concern for some people who use it, and the worry has prompted Miami County engineer's officials to announce that crews will shore up the span with fresh concrete.

Engineers tell WHIO-TV's Sean Cudahy the damage is to an outside pillar and some of the crumbling from the underside of the two-lane bridge is caused by runoff from winter salt.

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Officials with the engineer's office also said the county would close the span if it was not safe to use.

Residents in the area of the bridge who use traverse it daily raised concerns with the sheriff's office because they thought there was a safety issue.

"Semis and farm equipment drive this road every day," said Paul Johnson, who uses the bridge that crosses the Great Miami River north of Piqua.

"I was a little concerned…thought maybe I should try to get a hold of somebody," he said.

Crews will be out in the next couple of weeks to pour fresh concrete to strengthen the span's pillars, according to the county engineer’s office.

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