‘Dabble’ offers ways for all ages to get creative

If you like to dabble and you love to create art, Germantown native Angie Riner has just the thing for you at her “Dabble Creative Studio.”

Riner, a certified Ohio art teacher, opened the Germantown studio at 36 N. Main St. in May of 2014 and it has grown to include classes, camps, workshops and private parties.

“Occasionally, I pick up a preschooler, but mostly it is kindergarten through the sixth grade,” Riner said.

Besides getting ready for summer camps, Riner plans birthday parties where she incorporates games.

“Kids are always excited to do art,” she said. “Adults don’t have that much confidence.”

Then there is “Dabble Night Out – Painting for two,” where customers bring their own refreshments and pick something to paint to create a masterpiece of their own with a professional instructor.

“Either two good friends or a couple will each paint a picture that will look good on its own or look good separately,”Riner said.

Reactions from customers have been positive.

“It was a nice night out that was different than the same old thing,” said Alyse Newell.

“Such a great time! I can’t wait to do it again,” said Joei Gehron. “I smiled the whole time.”

Riner said group parties have been a hit.

“We offer private parties where people come in with their friends that they feel comfortable with, and everybody knows each other, and they kind of goof off,” she said. “Paula (Johnson), our instructor, is so fabulous. She breaks everything down into simple shapes and colors. She tells you what brush to pick up; how to mix your colors.”

Johnson has a degree in painting from Carnegie Mellon University and is on call to help when needed.

“My camp instructors this summer include retired art teachers, working artists, and Miami University students majoring in art and education,” Riner said.

The Dabble Creative studio website www.dabble-art.com has a variety of pictures painted by Johnson that can be picked out by students. Also, online registration and party bookings are available.

“Last year we had a “Dabble on Parade” and it will be a repeat this year,” Riner said. “The children create a parade float and the children will star in the Germantown Fourth of July Parade.”