Daylight starting to increase across region

Despite most of April feeling like winter, one thing you may have noticed that doesn't shift is the fact that our days are getting longer! The sunset as of April 17 is already past 8:15PM.

Record set in Dayton for number of measurable snow days in April 

From now through April 30 we will gain about 31 minutes of daylight. That means even on the coldest of spring days, you get those extra hours of daylight after work and school to sneak outside.

5-Day Forecast


By April 30 the sunset will be at 8:30PM. The days will continue to get longer until the Summer Solstice which is June 21 this year. The latest sunset of summer is 9:08PM! More hours of daylight and the sun's rays becoming more direct over the Miami Valley help our temperatures to trend out of cold season and into spring.

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