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Dayton Children’s, salon offer a spa day for patients’ parents

On December 30, employees for Infinitee Salon and Spa giving massages and facials to parents and guardians at Dayton Children’s Hospital. SARAH CAVENDER/STAFF PHOTO
On December 30, employees for Infinitee Salon and Spa giving massages and facials to parents and guardians at Dayton Children’s Hospital. SARAH CAVENDER/STAFF PHOTO

For the last eight years, Infinitee Salon & Spa has brought its team and spa services to parents and guardians of patients at Dayton Children’s Hospital.

“I started thinking about how people felt when they left the salon, rejuvenated, and I started thinking about how day in and day out these parents at the hospital sit by their child’s bedside. I wanted to make them feel rejuvenated,” Shawon Gullete, owner of Infinitee Salon said.

On Monday, parents and guardians of children who have been staying at the hospital had the opportunity to be pampered with mini facials, massages, complimentary manicures, and eyebrow waxes and arches.

According to Gullete, providing spa-like services in the past left some mothers in tears.

“I’ve actually had moms tear up because that was the first time they were able to really leave the room and get a break,” Gullete said.

Stylist Billye Alexander said this is her third year working with Infinitee Salon and the event at Dayton Children’s.

“It’s fulfilling to be able to do something nice for the parents and the patients,” Alexander said. “It allows parents to relax and take their mind off [being in the hospital].”

When Karen McKeand saw the event announcement scroll across the television screen in her son’s hospital room, she set a timer on her phone to get her nails done. She’s been at the hospital with her son since Thursday.

“It’s nice to offer this, and it’s nice to be thought of,” McKeand said. “Us moms, we spend so much time worrying about the kids, and it’s nice to be appreciated like this.”

The event was sponsored by The Dayton Dallas Cowboys Fan Club.

According to Stayc Benson, business manager for the Dallas Cowboys fan club, the organization donates items such as notepads for parents for when the doctors come in and puzzles for siblings.

“We understand that a lot of times people don’t think about the basic needs when they are here, so things like tissues,” Benson said.

Carol Haworth, who is a guardian to one of the patients at Children’s, stays close to her granddaughter’s bedside. For her the spa event was a small getaway.

“Between changing diapers and staying by her bed when she’s sick, it’s very stressful. Especially those first few days and even after we know the medicine is working. This is a nice way to have a getaway for a few minutes,” Haworth said.

Haworth has been taking shifts with her husband and daughter, staying with their granddaughter at the hospital on and off since the day after Christmas. Their granddaughter often stays between seven and 12 to days when admitted.

“You’re never in the hospital for anything positive, so this a little bit of a break to de-stress,” said Rebecca Harshman, whose teenage daughter has been staying at Children’s since Thursday.

Harshman said an employee with the hospital came to their room and gave her a ticket for the event earlier that day and she came to get a massage.

Gullete hopes to continue this tradition of holding a spa day for parents at Children’s every December.