Dayton tech company’s new partnership aimed at auto industry

Stratacache, the parent company of SuperLumin, announced Monday it has teamed up with MobiledgeX to bring new 5G interconnected computing capabilities to the auto industry.

The partnership will serve a global market of developers working on the latest cellular technologies that pass information back and forth from vehicles and their surroundings, according to the company.

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As cars become increasingly connected, they are generating more and more data that must be processed as quickly. The partnership will focus on the processing and efficient transfer of rich media customer experiences, according to the company.

“Combining the 5G edge compute framework of MobiledgeX and the ultra-efficient content acceleration of SuperLumin serves multiple purposes,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of Stratacache. “This allows us to not only serve the automotive industry as they evolve the Cellular Vehicle to Everything architecture, but also — as vehicles transform into media and retail environments.”

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The agreement will allow the Dayton-based company’s expertise in data and event-driven experiences to bridge the retail and automobile industries, Riegel said in a news release.

“We’re expanding the boundaries of retail, helping consumers find and engage with brands as part of the driving experience,” he said.

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The combination of MobiledgeX’s Edge-Cloud environment with Stratacache’s SuperLumin’s accelerated content delivery is a “missing piece” in the adoption of C-V2X, a mobile cellular standard that allows vehicles communicate with virtually everything around it, said Eric Braun, chief commercial officer at MobiledgeX.

“The combination solves the challenge of providing data and media within cross carrier highly distributed networks and will allow automotive and retail industries to reach and engage customers wherever and whenever the customers require,” Braun said.

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