Deputies remove Montgomery County elections official from polling site

A Montgomery County elections official was removed from a polling location by sheriff’s deputies for failure to follow a directive of county officials.

Stephen Marcum was removed from the polling place at Thurgood Marshall High School in Dayton, where he was a polling location manager.

Montgomery County Board of Elections Director Jan Kelly said Marcum was asked to disconnect a cable from a voter data registration database. He refused, and the county asked deputies to remove him.

Kelly said Marcum was not under arrest, but will never work again as an elections volunteer in Ohio.

“He’s been a rabble-rouser during training classes here,” Kelly said. “I’m not surprised he wouldn’t miss a media opportunity.”

Still, Kelly said elections officials were surprised by the man’s behavior Tuesday night.

“He’s always been really friendly before and good, a little quirky,” Kelly said. “He hasn’t exhibited this bizarre behavior before.”

Kelly said the removal will “absolutely not” impact the integrity of the results.