Did Julie Chen get a nose job during the surgery to make her eyes look less Chinese?

Reality and talk show host Julie Chen’s face has been the talk of the town since she revealed Wednesday that she had plastic surgery on her eyes in the 1990s after developing a complex due in part to comments from a long gone news director at WDTN-TV.

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Several people said online that Chen — the host of CBS’ “Big Brother” and “The Talk” — clearly didn’t stop at the eyes.

Opinions around the water cooler are split. We asked two local beauty experts for their opinions.

Lisa Scott, the owner of Beaute Box day spa in downtown Dayton, says Chen's nose is clearly broader in her head shot from around 1995 than any of her after pictures, including one recent image showing her without makeup.

Scott said more than contouring is at work in the photo.

“I am going to say nose job. You can make a nose look narrow, but come on now,” said Scott, who sometime uses makeup to change the shape of her facial features.

There have long been allegations that Chen has had a nose job.

Scott wondered if Chen was not simply “upsold” by the plastic surgeon who performed her “double eyelid surgery.” The cosmetic procedure reshapes the skin around the eye.

“Do you want fries with that shake?” Scott asked.

Like Scott, Square One Salon and Day Spa owner Brent Johnson, a member of the drag troupe The Rubi Girls, said Chen is stunning.

He said amazing things can be done with contouring and makeup application, but also think Chen had a nose job.

“If that helped take a barrier out of her way, rather real or imagined, good for her,” he said.”We sometime see things in ourselves completely differently than the world see us.”

Square One has locations in the Dayton, Centerville and Columbus areas.

While the question of whether Chen had a nose job or not is mainly light-hearted, Chen’s revelation on The Talk Wednesday have brought up several issues of beauty and how they relate to race, television news and the work place.

Chen said she was scrutinized for her ethnic features and she experienced racism in the work place.

During a special ‘secrets’ segment of the show, Chen said a former WDTN-TV news director told her she would never be accepted in Dayton as an anchor. Chen recalled the news director telling her that her Chinese eyes made her look disinterested.

An agent later echoed many of that news director’s statements and told Chen she needed plastic surgery if she wanted to be successful.

Joe Abouzeid, president of WDTN and WBDT, said that he was sorry to learn about Chen’s experience and that racism is not tolerated at either station.

WDTN is now owned by LIN Media. It was owned by the Hearst Corporation when Chen worked there.

Chen on Wednesday said that undergoing the controversial procedure that made her eyes look larger and less Asian helped her career. But she wondered if she had given in to “The Man.”

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