Fairborn schools hire investigator to look at teacher’s social media comments

The Fairborn Board of Education will hire an independent investigator to look into comments made on social media by a Fairborn High School teacher and assistant football coach.

The board made that decision at its Thursday meeting. Over 30 students, alumni and community members spoke at the school board meeting.

The school district has not identified the teacher.

The high school teacher reportedly responded to a Twitter post that talked about Pres. Donald Trump using the word “thugs,” by tweeting back, “Just because he speaks the truth you all can’t stand it. Take your blinders off.”

The teacher has been put on administrative leave.

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“It is our goal to make Fairborn a better place,” said Fairborn City Schools Superintendent Gene Lolli.

Speakers called for the teacher to be fired.

Incoming Fairborn High School senior Amya Channels said she has experienced racism at school from her peers and teachers, reported it and nothing has ever been done.

“I would love the school to take action,” Channels said. “I should feel safe in the classroom.”

Anya Tassy, a Fairborn graduate who organized the Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Fairborn on Thursday afternoon, said that the teacher’s actions were uncalled for.

“Class rooms are supposed to be safe zones,” Tassy said. “As a teacher, you should be advocating for all of your students.”

The investigator will strictly be looking at the teacher’s comments on Facebook and Twitter, Lolli said.

“We heard all the concerned voices last night,” Lolli said. “We’re going to look at implementing programs, bringing community members in and talking more about diversity. It is our goal to make students feel safe everyday when the walk into Fairborn.”

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