Dog with amputated leg after attack was mauled by same dogs before, family says

A West Carrollton family wants the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center to investigate an older case after their neighbor’s dogs mauled their dog, leading to his leg being amputated.

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News Center 7’s Monica Castro spoke with the family, who wants to make sure the owners are properly cited for both incidents: one last month and one last year.

Tobie now has a little pep back in his step. A stark contrast to just a few weeks ago when he was mauled by two of the neighbors’ dogs.

“We thought for sure we were going to lose him,” Paula Helms said.

She filed a report with the West Carrollton Police Department for the Aug. 15 incident. But it got her thinking, what happened to her dog attack case from April 2018 involving the same dogs?

She said she called the ARC about the earlier case.

“I did call and remind them that we did have a case in with the same dogs in April of 2018 where they did bite by husband and attacked Tobie as well,” she said.

The ARC on Thursday told News Center 7 they weren’t previously aware of the 2018 attack, but that they are investigating it.

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Helms said she filed a report with West Carrollton police for the 2018 incident as well, and submitted photos as proof.

The dogs’ owner was cited for last month’s attack.

“I just hope that they make it so they can ensure no one ever gets hurt by those dogs again.”

For now, the Helms family said they are just happy Tobie is healthy once again.

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