3 people, 2 pets saved after dog alerts teen to fire in garage

Three people and two pets are uninjured after a teenager noticed a fire in the garage and closed the door that leads to the house, according to Springfield Fire Division officials.

The teen’s mother, Regina Powers, said that her son woke her up to get everyone out of the house, near the corner of Cypress and Catherine streets in Springfield.

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Her son, Jesse Morris, said that he was playing video games when he heard the dog, Jasmine, barking. When he checked on what was wrong, he found smoke coming from the garage. When he opened the door, he said, flames rushed in.

Morris closed the door again, and rushed to get the dogs and his family out of the house.

Closing the door was something he learned in a DARE class in third grade, to close the door to help contain the fire.

Powers said that she is proud of her son (and Jasmine). Although they are sad about the belongings lost in the fire, both Morris and Powers said they were just glad that everyone got out safely.

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The fire began in the car and spread first to the garage, then into the attic, fire officials said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Initial reports indicated that the garage was separate, but it is connected to the house.

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