Foodbank lines more manageable this week, earlier hours to continue

The Foodbank, at 56 Armor Place, will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week.

Lee Lauren Truesdale, chief development officer for the Foodbank, said the Foodbank will be open from 10 a.m. to noon April 6, 8 and 10. Seniors who are part of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program can pick up their April and May boxes on Tuesday and Thursday in the same time window.

Seniors who are part of the CSFP should have already gotten a call from the Foodbank, Truesdale said.

Truesdale said moving the drive-through food pantry hours earlier in the day has helped clients and Foodbank staff.

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Lines at the Foodbank stretched all the way down Germantown Street last week. Truesdale said the lines for food were more manageable this week with the earlier hours.

The Foodbank served 541 households on Wednesday. Truesdale said over 300 of those served were new to food assistance. The Foodbank served 433 households on Thursday; of those, more than 300 households were new to food assistance.

Families can get food from the drive-through pantry every 30 days. Each household should have an ID with them.

Everyone is eligible for the food assistance during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Truesdale asked that cars not line up until about 15 minutes before the Foodbank starts serving food at 10 a.m.

The Ohio National Guard has been helping food pantries across the state, including the Foodbank, pack boxes and distribute food.

“The National Guard has been tremendous,” Truesdale said. “They can pack boxes faster than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Truesdale said that families who might not be working right now will still struggle to make ends meet when the coronavirus pandemic goes away, as more and more people living in the Miami Valley are laid off.

“None of us know when this is going to end,” Truesdale said. “But summer will be a critical time for us as we’re still going to be serving people until they get back on their feet after this, or if this is still going on.”

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