Four men indicted in ‘Predator Poachers’ case

Four men are indicted for attempting to meet underage boys for sex, according to the Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney.

The men indicted are Kenneth Ray Curtis, Matthew Dorian West, Austin Michael Naas, and Jason Marshall McCright.

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All four men were caught on camera by ‘Predator Poachers,’ a YouTube channel whose goal is to confront potential predators.

In each incident, the defendant was confronted by a self-described vigilante and videoed, which was then posted on their YouTube channel.

The Montgomery County Grand Jury indicted each of the defendants on one count of attempt to commit unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

"The actions of these defendants are alarming,” said Prosecutor Heck. “We will not tolerate anyone in our community or coming to our community with the intent to sexually assault a child."

All are scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday, March 17.

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