Greene County deputies use pellet gun to detonate ‘bottle bombs’

Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer has issued a warning after deputies found make-shift explosive devices off Grinnell Road outside of Yellow Springs.

Fischer said today in a prepared statement that the “manufacturing and deployment of a bottle bomb is a serious matter.”

“These devices endanger not only the public but also the first responders,” Fischer’s statement reads.

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Deputies were called Friday to investigate the two suspicious items and discovered two bottles with foil and liquid inside, according to the release.

With assistance from Miami Twp. Fire and Rescue, deputies temporarily closed the road and cleared the area. A pellet gun was fired from a distance to release the pressure on the bottles, Fischer’s statement reads.

“These devices put everyone at risk of serious physical harm. Handling one of these devices or being in close proximity to one of these devices when it explodes can result in loss of fingers, eyesight and chemical burns,” Fischer said.

No suspects have been identified. Whoever is responsible for making the devices could face a host of felony and misdemeanor charges, including the most serious: Illegal assembly or possession of chemicals or substances for the manufacture of prohibited weapons, according to the release.

More felonies could be pursued if such devices caused injury or property damage, according to the release.


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