Family seeking answers after boy, 5, walks out of Dayton school unnoticed

A woman wants answers after her 5-year-old stepson was able to walk out of school Monday, unnoticed.

The boy’s father and stepmother arrived at the school around 12:30 p.m. to pick him up early. But when they got there, staff at Kemp Elementary School, 1923 Gondert Ave., in Dayton, said they couldn’t find him.

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After searching the pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade building in vain, school surveillance video showed he walked out of the door that leads to the buses.

Alexis Schutz was worried sick when she called 9-1-1. However, at the same time police responded around 1:20 p.m., a concerned citizen had reported finding a child and was waiting with him at the corner of Huffman and Huss avenues, seven-tenths of a mile from the school.

“We’re still mad at him, he shouldn’t have left the school, but I cant really blame him all for it,” Schutz said of her young stepson. “He shouldn’t have been able to leave the school. He shouldn’t have been unattended to leave the school. I’m just glad he’s safe,” she said.

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Dayton Public Schools Associate Superintendent Sheila Burton said she was not aware of the incident, but will investigate it and provide information Tuesday.

Schutz said her stepson’s teacher told the boy to gather his things and go to the office so his parents could pick him up. But he didn’t listen to his teacher and decided to leave.

Schutz said her stepson’s teacher, who joined the search for the missing boy, has 24 students. She understands the teacher was not able to leave them, but said there should have been an escort, or some kind of security.

“An alarm should have sounded for him to open the door,” Schutz said. “He walked out of the school and nobody noticed.”

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