Huber Heights buys shopping center for $2.8M to redevelop

Huber Heights bought a shopping center it had discussed buying for nearly a year, hoping to spur economic development on a busy roadway.

The city bought part of the Marian Shopping Center for $2.8 million, said Huber Heights City Manager Rob Schommer.

The shopping center is on the 6100 block of Brandt Pike, one of the busiest roads in the city.

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Huber Heights is working with the tenants of the shopping center to relocate their businesses elsewhere in the city. Schommer said the city will not be evicting or displacing any tenant of the Marian Shopping Center.

“The city plans to work with the tenants around redevelopment of the property,” Schommer said.

Once all the current tenants are out of the shopping center, the city plans to tear down the building.

“This will be a blank canvas for redevelopment in the city,” Schommer said.

The purchase will be project No. 2 for its Transformational Economic Development (TED) program, which the city started last fall.

The city has budgeted $3.8 million to buy the land, perform market studies or environmental studies and other procedures that would prepare the site for redevelopment.

The city’s first project in the TED program was buying 52 acres of land at the corner of Executive Boulevard and Brandt Pike. The city also hired a Chicago-based consulting firm to conduct a study to determine the best use for the land.

The city will likely do something similar with the Marian Shopping Center land, Schommer said.

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Huber Heights has long talked about revitalizing the Brandt Pike corridor. This project will be the first step, Mayor Jeff Gore said when the project was announced.

The city has previously tried to buy this portion of the Marian Meadows Shopping Center. The city put down $20,000 of “earnest money,” but ultimately decided not to move forward with the purchase because land adjacent to the property was not available and an interested developer ultimately pulled out, Schommer said.

Premier Health owns several acres of land behind the shopping center.

Schommer said the city and Premier were in talks about what could be developed on that land, but those talks have been put on hold due to the coronavirus.

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