Huber Heights: 2 Kroger Aquatic Center employees test positive for coronavirus

Two employees at the Kroger Aquatic Center tested positive for the coronavirus, Huber Heights confirmed Thursday.

One employee had a sick family member, so they got tested just in case, and another was feeling sick over the weekend so they got tested twice. One was a negative result and the second was positive.

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Both employees stayed home from work after getting tested and there are no other positive cases so far, said Huber Heights City Manager Rob Schommer.

“They didn’t feel good and they stayed home,” Schommer said. “They did what they’re supposed to do. I hope anyone else who feels sick would do the same.”

Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County was notified, and the YMCA, which manages the aquatic center, continues to take precautions.

A few employees who potentially had contact with the sick people are self-isolating, Schommer said.

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